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About Nam June Paik

23 Jul

Nam June Paik manipulates color and black and white televisions to express his theme. His objective through using the television is to make the TV set itself, not just by using what is shown on the screen but by using the screen as a sculpture. With the 80th anniversary, the exhibition has the opening performance by his friend to remember him. The exhibition shows his painting. He was also humor that to talk people he is a good painter. With the painting, I can see the child inside his heart. The most work I like is about (?). We usually put a symbol (?) to question which seems just born for the answer. But he change the stereotype impression, he put the (?) in the different view and become the heart. That’s really a unusual thinking. The meaning with the picture, I think it also talk about people ‘s relationship. If you look in the different view, you may find someone with extraordinary.


Korean folk village

23 Jul

With Ewha university international students from different countries and different cultures, all of us visited the place where bring the Korea dynasty’s traditional. In folk village, I can see many original complex Chinese words in some furniture, they make me feel close. The most interesting thing is that there is some antique child toy I had saw in Korea drama. For example윷놀이, the game will throw the윷놀이and work in the a square. Each time you throw will show the different윷놀이, then you should go with different appearance in a square line. It’s similar to Taiwan’s (senpei uranai)『擲筊.』In Chinese culture, we use a piece of wood carved in half-moon shaped in temple. In the process of pleading to gods above we use TWO of them and throw in the floor. If the smooth side is up and the other rough one is up, too, that means “yes” as in pic one. If two smooth sides are up, it means “no” as in pic two. If two rough sides are up, it means you should do it again until you have the comment (yes) or (no). In Taiwan, it’s a belief to people for asking, but it’s a fun game in korea. They use in the similar way, but both of them create the different culture to people. That’s funny to understand the culture which in a different way!

“Hidden Track”

9 Jul

Sung Won Kim is a Professor who works in National Seoul School Technical University, he was invited to this exhibition. He suggests showing the Korean art world record producer “Hidden Track” word as the exhibition concept. “Hidden Track” means mainly by musicians unpublished works snippet editor included in the record last and does not mark the subject, which is called “Hidden Track”. Exist in the hot track, new song, complete unknown in the track between the “Hidden Track” forms part of the unpublished tracks, the sound is unique, diverse situation, a meaningful opportunity to understand the musicians on the other hand the music world. Sung Won Kim try to expand from a different angle as short as 20 years, as long as 30 years, has been hard to go its own “road” “Five or six years old,” the creation of artists the world. This exhibition is mixed all artists’ thinking. “The known artists are familiar with the works; only in the thought of “Hidden Track” will be the review of their creative world and more than 30 years long journey special “instant”.


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Sung Won Kim tried to make the musical theory transfer to artist, making the artist to review more about their “creating road”. Many artists may feel lost in their roads; people will still have confused time. This exhibition can let not only the artist but also people to think in the thought of “Hidden Track”. But this exhibition is difficult to the people. It just can make artist talk to artist. People can’t discuss and understand the meaning. Alike in the 1970’s Modernist Art, to reduce the art meaning and make people confusing about the artist’s thinking in the art work.         


The Pink God

4 Jul

This is the exhibition hold in Sungkok Art Museum. The artist Noh Jungha has been creating “pinhole” work and “self-portrait” series. The artist also talks about “melancholia”; she thinks that any creating from feelings is good. Not only Art but also Philosophy and literature are as the medicine to people. The key that people become remarkable artist is to beyond the generation and human history. After visited the exhibition, it made me think more about the art. I found that I didn’t deeply think “what is art” before. I just think that art is the subject for people who interested in. Now the art seems that it can be daily and everyone may be an artist.   

The work  impressed me is the picture shocked me and felt confused the meaning at first time. A woman sits on the chair with the scepter – a symbol of power, but she also has a baby in a container who is exposed to view. It seems like the baby is a weakness for her. The container which symbol uterus protect the baby just like the mother who has the innate power of a situation.