About Art in Seoul

Art in Seoul: Research and Publishing for Artists and Culturalists is a research-based artist practicum course for national and international students of Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul, Korea, offered through the departments of Fine Art and Global Affairs Office at Ewha. Led by professor Mina Cheon, students join her by traversing the Seoul art scene and documenting their sight responses through cross-genre writing on the Internet, publishing something along the lines of art journalism, criticism, and blog entry. Students from Ewha, Maryland Institute College of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, and Tunghai University of Taiwan look eagerly at art presentations in Seoul, questioning the criteria and institution of art, and instigating how local art sites relate to the world and the global art scene. We, the cyber-feminist punk group of Art in Seoul with Mina Cheon are: Jennifer Byun, Sujung Chang, Julia Han, Vera Huang, Kelly Jau, Joowon Jun, Yae Eun Jung, Yozeene Kim, and Hana Lee.

The writings here are at times a hybrid between Korean, English, and Chinese. We emphasize the spirit of experimentation in thought processes and documentation in all its possible forms, prior to the rigidity of proper writing. These informal blog entries however will culminate in a more formalized PDF magazine format at the end of July 2012, near the end of the Art in Seoul course.


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