Communication Research??

23 Jul

For me, the “Communication Research” is the most interesting art work made by Nam June Paik.

When there are human beings live in the society, it must bring communication. The communication between people and people is very interesting. We can share our feelings by communication and we can make up the relationship by having a good communication. Even we don’t have the same language to talk to each other, we still can have a communication by our body language.

There are so many people came in and out of our lives, every one of the passing visitors have some kinds of communication with us. For us, the communication between ourselves and others is like a question mark, which means unknown. We don’t know about each other at the beginning, but after the communication had been produced, we started to have emotions to each other. And the emotion is the heart made by the two question marks in the art work. Also the heart means the relationship from friends, family, and lover. It is really interesting to see Nam June Paik using a couple of simple question marks to show the complicated relation between human beings.


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