About Nam June Paik

23 Jul

Nam June Paik manipulates color and black and white televisions to express his theme. His objective through using the television is to make the TV set itself, not just by using what is shown on the screen but by using the screen as a sculpture. With the 80th anniversary, the exhibition has the opening performance by his friend to remember him. The exhibition shows his painting. He was also humor that to talk people he is a good painter. With the painting, I can see the child inside his heart. The most work I like is about (?). We usually put a symbol (?) to question which seems just born for the answer. But he change the stereotype impression, he put the (?) in the different view and become the heart. That’s really a unusual thinking. The meaning with the picture, I think it also talk about people ‘s relationship. If you look in the different view, you may find someone with extraordinary.


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