16 Jul

1 Short Essay

l  Title, what is the title to your short essay that describes the essay in one sentence

Or what is a sentence that can lead you into the essay

–      Brief description

–      A lead into the essay

–      Suggestive opening

–      Conceptual framing of the essay

–      Title can be ‘concrete’ or ‘abstract’

–      Abstract – relationship and reference of title and essay

l  Your name (By – author)

l  First sentence of the essay – how do you want to set up your essay? Does it contain the thesis statement?

l  Thesis statement, thesis argument, thesis

–      Example: “Double” is the most powerful and compelling art exhibition about lovers in contemporary times that deals with ambiguity, estrangement, reconsideration, of relationship and essence of time, and specifically in relation to politics of homosexuality and troubles identity. (titles like: TWO TAKES in Double Exhibition by Felix Gonzales-Torres)

l  Thesis can be in the first sentence or it can be in the first paragraph = Introductory paragraph, the introductory paragraph sets up the essay, it is also a good place for basic information. Or you can leave general information to the end or after essay.

l  Body of essay, 3 – 5 paragraphs; address the thesis, back up the thesis argument with concrete examples (specific art pieces) to support your argument

l  Concluding paragraph, at least concluding sentence –

l  Image, captions – in between text, or at the end, better for in between  — when text talks about art, show image, caption length based on how much is written or not written in the essay



1-4 short commentaries

l  Title, author name

l  Context, description

l  Indicating one new point, one large comment


l  Image, captions


Bio – everyone’s full name in English (Korean name)

2-3 sentence bio:

1)    department, school, what major, year

2)    one sentence of area of expertise

3)    what is your contribution in this publication

4)    and / or what else would you like to say (professional background important to share)


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