16 Jul



Dear Students:

Based on a conversation today at the end of class with some of the key students who are leading the magazine publication, I came up with this schedule for us to follow.

Please note: some classtime gatherings are 9AM – 12 Noon (July 18 Wed, 23 Mon) so that we can have long necessary meetings, other parts of class are done individually, as groups, and on-line, you should on friday try to get to Nam June Paik Art Center together if you are not going to DMZ and on Saturday you are required to go to Lee Um and Doosan for class, hope that works, if there is a problem, please email, Looking forward to receiving your texts this evening, Good Luck Sincerely Mina


July 16 MON:

Students work on text (short essay, commentaries, bios) for mina, place in folders in Drop box


July 17 TUES:

Mina revises texts and sends to students to revise further

Work on more text and new texts

Day time: Students: meet about Design Proposals


July 18 WED:

* Morning Class 9 AM – 12:00 Noon : Present 3 design proposals and show Mockets

* Optional Evening: DOOSAN Gallery Seoul  Opening: Wednesday, July 18, 2012, 6-8 pm


July 19 THU: class 11am – 12 Noon on the INTERNET, LIVE STREAM POST REALITY SHOW

11AM – 12 Noon Livestream Chat (required to login ahead of time)

Post Reality Show hosted by media artist Randall Packer, guest Mina Cheon and others, live and recorded.

Daytime Students : work more on texts and design as groups or individuals


July 20 FRI:

Free time (for example DMZ international students)

* Recommended visit for Art in Seoul: Nam June Paik Art Center exhibitions in Ansan: Nam June Paik’s 80th Anniversary : Nostalgia is an Extended Feedback (for afternoon and evening, please check the transportation details on-line and time)



Friday 20 July 2012 – Sunday 20 January 2013



FRIDAY 20 JULY 2012, Nam June Paik Art Center



   Special Lecture NJP Lounge :

   Nam June Paik in Retrospect by Takehisa Kosugi



   Exhibition Opening & 2012 Nam June Paik Art Center Prize Ceremony



   Opening Performance : Nam June Paik’s Friends

        Performance 1

   In Memory of Nam June Paik by Byung-ki Hwang(Gayageum Player, Composer) and others

        Performance 2

   July 20 for Paik by Takehisa Kosugi(Fluxus Artist)





   12:15 / 15:15

   Hapjeong Station (exit #2)

   13:00 / 16:00

   Across the overpass from Hannam the Hill(previously Dankuk University), Hannam-dong



July 21 SAT: Students as Group Seeing Lee Um and Doosan



First time goers should spend time looking at permanent collection as well, the audio guide has a great English guide



* Doosan: visiting Doosan as a group (to take pictures if you didn’t get to opening, didn’t get a chance to really see the exhibition etc)




July 22 SUN:

–       Finish extra texts to insert, refine design, image etc… (Font?)


July 23 MON:

* Class: 9AM – 12:00 Noon Final presentations, finalize, Refine, and design, Last Class


July 24 TUES (Print for Mina to carry on plane for edit) – July 26 Thurs:

Back and Forth with Mina of PDF file and students working in groups and individually for finalizing publication for the Internet and publication Ready for Print.

DUE July 27 FRIDAY: Finalize PDF File, send to Artist Organized Art, Request publication for July 31, 2012.


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