Shin Kyung Jin:”Imitating Venus”

15 Jul

Shin Kyung Jin,”Imitating Venus”,media art

Shin Kyung Jin,”Imitating Venus”,sculpture with plaster

    From the past to now, aspiration for beauty has been immense. Also, I think advancement of plastic surgery especially in Korea, the desire for beaty has been more extreme. For example, there are so many advertisements about cosmetic surgery which are depicted people’s face,before and after had operation, at the subway stations. In addition, slim body is also one of the aspirations for beaty. Diet has been so natural and common words for woman. Even, what they say,”woman always do diet all their life.” and Anorexia has been one of the disease to modern people. For instance, when I type the food name such as pasta,starbuck’s Frappuccino, at the NAVER which is korea search engine site like google,then the ‘food’s calorie’ appear as a recommened search word under the search engin box. At a ‘Jisik-in’ cyberspace that people can post what they curious and don’t know about, the numbers of questions about calories are large.

   The top of the left picture is an artist,Shin Kyung jin’s “Imitating Venus(비너스 흉내내기)”. it is a media art and displayed in exhibition,’confession:Advertisement,Art and Public’ at Ilmin museum of art(in Seoul). In the media, the artist pose three gestures and her assistent who is a man put the iron thin rods on her body to measure it. The machines are ‘low-tech pointing machines’ which the artist made on the basis of France sculptor. As her body is measured and trapped by the machines, the artish Shin shows the process of human body as being product. In front of the media, there are also three sculptures with plasters as the results of the measuring process.  Actually, the intention of the art work is to criticize ‘sexuality’ in the advertisement. As an example of this, models appeal the customers as models take an sexual pose. But I think in the artist,Shin’s work, the social phenomenon as excessive desire for beauty: diet and plastic surgery is also reflected in Shin’s art works. I think she reflects effectively and penetratively  picture of sexuality in modern Korea and i could easily feel the same way.


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