The Talking Art

10 Jul

I went to Hyehwa looking for some art museums or galleries, but the museum I was going to were still rebuilding. When I just felt disappointed and tired of getting lost my ways, there were a special art rushed into my sight.


It looks like a part of the bamboo which is made of a big stone. The most special point is that it has a human mouth on it! The first thought that came out of my mind is the Chinese word of bamboo,竹. In Chinese, we speak “竹”as “ju”, and the mouth shape of speaking ”竹” just as same as the mouth showed on the art work. The art work bamboo is telling us what itself is, so we can know it immediately. Therefore, I called this art work as “the talking art”. It was really happy for me to saw a talking art which speak in my first language, Chinese, at a foreign country which I can’t communicate with others easily.


 Bamboo in my country means virtuous, and secluded, then I think maybe the art work bamboo isn’t speaking “竹”, but telling all the people to be quiet by saying “sh….”. Also the gray color makes it looked more quite and more secret. The bamboo becomes a special little place of peaceful and serene when standing on a noisy street which full of people’s voice and the cars’ noise. It is a mysterious bamboo, telling us to put down all the distracting thoughts, and be quiet to heard what our heart try to tell us.


 No matter it is saying “竹” or saying ”sh…”, this bamboo is truly a talking art for me.




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