10 Jul
 Text   and File Format


 Hana   Lee, Sujung Chang, Jenifer Byun, Joowon Jeon
 Image   and Caption  Julia   Han, Kelly, Yozeene Kim, Vera, Yeaeun Jung
 Editting  Julia   Han

 working title: GRAB – BRAG (if you have any ideas about the tile, please comment. like definition or anything else)






 Writing(serious) : This is subjected to change.
 Hana   Lee  Confession:  Felix   Gonzalez-Torres
 Sujung   Chang  Hidden   Track  Nam   June Paik
 Jennifer   Byun  Noh,   Jung Ha  Twisted
 Joowon   Jeon  Felix   Gonzalez-Torres  Hernan   Bass
 Julia   Han  All   about identity (especially, Korean-American Artist)
 Kelly  Non-serious   section (inter- culturalism )
 Yozeene   Kim  Doing   Doing  Il LEE
 Vera  Non-serious   section (inter- culturalism )
 Yeaeun   Jung  Doing   Doing  Twisted









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