“DOING” -Hyung-Gkwan Kim

10 Jul

The Kumho Museum in Seoul-si Jongno-gu Sagan-dong 78 presents an exhibition “Doing”.  This exhibition tried to be beyond the art concept that is fixed and unchanging, and make new meaning and relationship between the audience and artist by interacting thorough art works. In this exhibition, Hyung-Gkwan Kim, Mong-ju Son, Se-Kun Joo, Min-ja Goo, Sim-Rea Jung and Mok-yon U were participating.  The entrance to the museum is somewhat fancy, not gentle because the glass window is decorated with colorful tapes. While there is no charge for admission at most galleries around, the Kumho Museum charges people 4000won to watch the exhibition, which might make people dither over entering there. However, people can get a ticket with a fake coin like as reparation for a fee. With the coin, people have one chance to do ‘뽑기’ that one can get a random one of things in the plastic ball by spinning the handle of something like vending-machine. I think it seems a good setting to lead people to do “doing” actively. Actually, it is also artwork by an artist Mok-yon Yoo. It is a crumpled piece of paper that is in a plastic ball coming out through random drawings. One of the papers’ contents is that 2E and P=doing=Art. In other words, ‘Enjoy, Eat and Play’ is ‘doing’ and that is ‘Art’! Art is just doing, right? And I believe Seoul city is the perfect place to enjoy, eat and play, isn’t it?   

Hyung-Gkwan Kim

By taking whole one rectangle space on the first floor, Hyung-Gkwan Kim’s works are shown widely. The title is 만능 서울 만능 정원(all powerful Seoul all powerful garden). He uses box tapes called OPP tape to make his art works. This medium which is easily available is originally used in packing and attaching, but the artist Kim brought it for art. He cuts and attaches tapes one by one by overlapping to make depth. First impression of his works was very pretty, decorative and optical. Many different colors of tapes were stretching from bottom to wall freely forming geometric and decorative patterns, which made me feel that the space is like fantastic amusement park. The most interesting and important part of the work for me is that this work needs audience reaction. It was very good to me because it inspired people to experience and participate in creating part of his work of art. To appreciate, approach to works and participate in making works, people have to take off their shoes. There are various color tapes and scissors for guests so they can cut and attach the tapes on the bottom the way they want. The art works invited me and every people to not formal but very free and open place. The space didn’t require very careful behavior for not damaging art pieces or seriousness to appreciate them. Parents don’t need to worry about their children who can touch and ruin precious art pieces. They can just enjoy “doing” by having their way. Kim’s work allows people get rid of their preconceived notion about the art works. Furthermore, personally, I like the method of Kim’s working. I think Kim’s material and method for making art are unconventional and novel compared to previous methods for art even though there were other various ways to create art work. However, Kim’s way using colorful and light tapes is not separated from reality but really matched well with modern society: an age of materialism. It seems that his work and title intended to represent all diverse things like so many people and huge buildings, colorful design in Seoul city. This exhibition try to prove “Art for All!” which is the answer for the question “Art for whom?”


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