The Candy Art

9 Jul

It is interesting when seeing the exhibition of Felix Gonzalez-Torres in Plateau art museum. All the art works have its double or more meanings behind, and it makes me keep thinking as much as possible. Among the exhibition, the “Untitled Rossmore II” keep making me think more and more about it. It is totally an amazing art work which full of the artist love to his lover and his art. I had never seen an art work that allowed people to take any pieces of the art work, not to mention to eat it!

The street made of green candies named Rossmore, which is a street that Gonzalez-Torres used to walk on with his lover. Also, it has a connection with his lover’s name, Ross Laycok. Maybe Gonzalez-Torres had a double meaning that he wants to see or stay with Ross Laycok more than he could. Because he suffered the lose of his lover.

The green candies that made up the street may be pretending the grass that Gonzalez-Torres had walked through. Yet I think it may have other meanings. The candy taste like the favor of green apples. Therefore, I think it also have the double meaning about their relationships is like an green apple, which looks colorful. The feeling of love between them is as young, naive, not mature, joyful and delight as the green apple. And also the art work reminded Gonzalez-Torres of the happy time with Ross Laycok, which is sweet like a candy. And I think the “apple” from the “green apple candy” may be the same “apple” from “the apple of his eye”. Or the “apple” might be the one that Adam and Eve ate as the forbidden fruit. Their relation is written in the introduction as “partner” instead of “lover”. It might be a polite way to talk about the homosexual, but it makes me feel more about that people avoid talking about the sensitive conversation. Maybe homosexual hadn’t been accepted at the years of the artist’s background.

Compared with the “Untitled Rossmore”, “Untitled Placebo” is more famous. “Untitled Placebo” also use candies to show the idea, but the difference is the meaning of the candy. Candies in “Untitled Rossmore” are sweet like the happiness, yet, in ”Untitled Placebo” it is sweet as the hypocritical lie. It is talking about the unresponsive U.S. government and its delayed clinical trials during the AIDS crises. At that time, government use candies to pretend the pile of AIDS, they try to make the public believe that they have the hope to be recover and their government is working well. In psychology, this kind of candy called placebo, in some causes it really worked. Because when people really believe that they have the pile which can make them recover, their body will follow their mind and become better. In the other hand, some people resolutely believe they are unhealthy, they will be sick even their body has no problem.

In “Untitled Placebo”, candies all over the ground looks like a big carpet, maybe it also tries to show that government is trying to cover the fact of being helpless as a carpet. The candies are silver as a huge mirror, reflecting the face of the dying public. Each candy means every single pieces of the mirror, we take some candies out, and it will be put more candies in. It is a mirror showing the death. Unlike “Untitled Rossmore”, “Untitled Placebo” is more sadness and irony.



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