Noh Jung Ha: The Pink God

9 Jul

    Artist, Noh jung ha expressed that the power of women through this work. To illustrate about power of women, women give birth to babies, raise children, cook and do a lot of house works. Not only the women do these kinds of works but also have their own job. Women have such a several jobs and multitask a lo of things. They are powerful and even stronger than husband or men. In the past, the common ideas about women were that females are weak and should be cared by men. But, now these thoughts have been already changed. The background of the transitions are related to ‘Diaspora’ which means mass population movement. According to the Dr.Avtar Brah’s article,”Diaspora, border and transnational identities”, he argues that Feminisation of migration is especially noticeable in particular instances. One of the examples is that women form the majority ofCapeVerdian workers migrating toItaly,Filipinos to the Middle East, or Thais toJapan. These migrations are creating new displacements, new diasporas. As the process of women’s migration, they became to be more involved in jobs and other works, so they have been consisted of as an important existence in society. Noh expressed the women’s power figuratively and metaphorically, not just by some words or letters. She found her own way to present and spoke her thought to us through the photos. I think that this is also the reason the work can be art.


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