Oscar Wilde and artists

8 Jul

‘Untitled, from the series ‘A bunch of fairies’,Hernan Bas,2011, Gelatin silver print, Edition of 3 + 2AP, 4 x 5 inches

     I went to the ‘Hernan Bas: A Brief Suspension of Disbelief’ exhibition at PKM TRINITY GALLERY(June 19 – July 20, 2012 ) in Seoul. The Working ways of Hernan Bas are motivated by contemporary artists such as ‘Joseph beuys’, Matthew Barney’, ‘Bas Jan Ader’ and so on. Also, he was affected by ‘Oscar Wilde’ (16 October 1854 – 30 November 1900) who was an Irish writer and poet. I think the reason why Bas was mootivated by Wilde is that wilde also were coming out, so Bas would felt sympathy with him.  As Bas used the way of  literally citing ,reinterpretating and analyizing the wilde’s literatures, he represented  his state of minds and feelings  like confused ,anxious and Narcissistic. These minds has been arisen from his identity as homosexuality. Felix-Gonzalez-Torres also were coming out and he handwrote a fragment from the end of the play Salome: A Tragedy in One Act. There are  the common between two different artists and their works and this gives interest to me.

untitled(Oscar Wilde),felix-Gonzalez-Torres,1995,photo-etching paper


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