Inkie Whang (An old future, A mold by Louis Vuitton)

8 Jul


Artist 황인기 painted “An old future” and “A mold by Louis Vuitton” in 2011.

These works are exhibited in 서울시립미술관. At first glance, I thought 황인기 used sand on canvas; however, I later realized that he used molds instead of sand.

Why is this art? I define art as human advancement. This exhibition’s main theme was to present the progression achieved by humans since 18th century.

황인기 artist’s choice of materials for his work also reflects the main theme of the exhibition. Mold has never been used as a material for an artwork. 황인기, however, decided to accept the new challenge of using mold as a material for his artwork; and his creativity and exceptional technique has allowed him to create a masterpiece even with a non-artsy material. He, in other words, achieved “human progression” in the art world, successfully reflecting the theme.


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