The Pink God

4 Jul

This is the exhibition hold in Sungkok Art Museum. The artist Noh Jungha has been creating “pinhole” work and “self-portrait” series. The artist also talks about “melancholia”; she thinks that any creating from feelings is good. Not only Art but also Philosophy and literature are as the medicine to people. The key that people become remarkable artist is to beyond the generation and human history. After visited the exhibition, it made me think more about the art. I found that I didn’t deeply think “what is art” before. I just think that art is the subject for people who interested in. Now the art seems that it can be daily and everyone may be an artist.   

The work  impressed me is the picture shocked me and felt confused the meaning at first time. A woman sits on the chair with the scepter – a symbol of power, but she also has a baby in a container who is exposed to view. It seems like the baby is a weakness for her. The container which symbol uterus protect the baby just like the mother who has the innate power of a situation.


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