Nowhere But Anywhere

4 Jul

        Noh Jungha’s current exhibition at the Sungkok Art Museum. The art works, nowhere but anywhere series, impressed me a lot. Let me talk about the picture which taking place at the museum. We can only see the ticket-collector in the huge museum, which looks very lonely. In fact, there are people anywhere, we just can’t see them because of the special technology.


       It makes me think of our life. Sometimes we feel lonely even there are people around us. Although we have friends and family who loved us, we have to walk through the road of our life by ourselves. We need to face all the challenges alone, because this is our life.


        It also makes me think of the life between myself and others. There are so many people rushed in my life, and say goodbye at the next moment. They are visitors in my life, we have our lives be interlaced, yet soon become parallel. Just like taking the train, we get on the same train but then we says goodbye to those who have to leave first. In the art work, visitors came in and out frequently, they didn’t leave any mark on the picture. Will the ticket-collector remember all of them? Maybe only some of them will be remembered in his shallow mind. But the people we can’t see on the picture might be the most important role. If there were none of them in the museum, the ticket-collector won’t appear in the picture. If there were none of them in our lives, no one will give us a hand when we fall, no one will encourage us when we were down, no one will love us and share the warmness with us.





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