Kim wonsook : Eyes on Me

4 Jul
,Kim Won Sook,2011,Casted Bronze,97*63cm

Kim Won Sook,2011,Casted Bronze,97*63cm

     The artist, Kim won sook did her work drawing with shadow. She called it as  ‘shadowing drawing’. It means that not only some art materials, but also shadows which are made by them are consisted of canvas. She used the one of the art materials, bronze as a plane not a three-D. At the entrance of the gallery, there were phrases by her. ‘ I(kim won sook) draw the world where I can see, scenery which touches my heart, things that exite me and shadows which I am afraid of, moments I want to keep become pictures and art. A number of sounds, memories, stories, nostalgia, dreams, and images floating in a small space as “I” lay on canvas , soon become art and my diary of life. ’ Many things related to her became art. According to the reading ‘Themes of contemporary art : visual art after 1980, Oxford University Press’ written by Jean Robertson and Craig Mcdaniel, identity defined through culture and relationships is a preeminent theme in western art and art discourse in the late twentieth century and today.  Many things which are close to her are also some part of her identity. The identity is expressed by other means as well, including by words, symbols, objects, and settings. In the case of her, identity is reflected by art pieces.

   When I saw this art work, I sympathized with her. I could read her thoughts. The body of woman is encircled with many eyes. It makes me think about my identity. I have been seen by people (family,friends,teachers,government and even strangers all around the world) for a long time. Especially cyber space make easy for us to monitor people. For the reason, my behaviors used to be controlled,faked and I used to try to repress my feelings. It becomes accustomed to do. So, for me the women represent not only the artist, but also me. I thought about the question “why is this art?”. The answer for me is “It is because there is an identity.” It was such a meaningful art work for me, because I could have a time to think about my identity as I recalled the past and present.


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